My Family~

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It has been awhile since i have updated pictures on my site. So today i wanted to re-introduce you to the loves of my life. We are a very close knit group. My kids mean the world to me. My daughter Brittany is graduating from high school in may. From there she will start college in the fall to get her degree in Psychology. My son Micah is ten years old and the master of xbox. He is the most kind little boy with a huge heart. His smile lights up the darkest room. He keeps me running. My husband Eric loves his computer and UFC. Which makes us a perfect match because i love computers as well. UFC not so much. My sports love is football all the way. We all have a love for the beach and can never get enough. We hope to retire their one day. As for me; i have many passions. My daily passion is making people beautiful designing hair. I also love decorating my home. I love to read, garden, and blog. It is an outlet for me to get my feelings out in a healthy way and maybe help someone along the way. I want to say a special thank you to my followers. Also to the ones who leave such kind comments. It really means alot. We are all in the race of life together; it’s nice to have others to encourage and edify us along our journey. Blessings…..Emilie