Why do devotionals?

Have you ever had anyone in your family ask you these questions. “Why are you always reading those books?” or “Why are you always doing those devotionals?”  I know i have in the past. Some people who just don’t understand the value of a good devotional and how it can change your heart and your focus on life. 

 Have you ever had a situation, circumstance, or perhaps a relationship in your life that you have been struggling to overcome, trying to work through, or doing your best to work around. I know i have. There are those times that life seems so hard, that things will probably never get better for you, that you must expect less because that is just the way life is. But then you get a word! A nugget of hope. And you know you can overcome! You’ve been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, you’ve been struggling with feelings of anger; resentment, doubt, and fear but you read something uplifting and you put your hand on your heart and whisper to yourself i can make it!  I heard a dear pastor say once, ” If you behave yourself into a situation, you must behave yourself out of it!” A devotion is a behavior in service to love, truth, and God that will create powerful changes in the circumstances of your life that have held you down and back!! Whatever has been going on in your mind, your life, your heart can stop right now, if that is truly what you desire However, you must be willing to “do a new thing”! You must spend a little time, each day, in devotion to the truth about yourself and the truth about life. You must take a conscious approach to what you think and and how you feel about what you do. Devotion for myself clears up any misconceptions that may have obscured my vision of life! A devotion is a divine action. It’s profound dedication demonstrated desire to be in service to God. Since it is God’s desire for you to be happy, any time in devotion will always be beneficial. Growth is a profound experience. It can be beautiful and ugly, emporwering and confining, thought provoking and mind boggling, pleasant and unpleasant, all at the same time. Just when i thought i had it all figure out, life seems to say, “Now take this!” And you do. Then, the minute you are ready to throw your hands up, give up or beat up on yourself for doing the same thing in the same and ending up in the same dang place again. You know you have grown when you can meet a challenge head on, an obstacle or difficulty without totally losing it. Somehow, someway in the GROWTH PROCESS you have come upon the understanding that the more you grow, the more you know, the more you encouraged to grow and know. There is more of ME waiting to unfold. There is more about the world i desire to understand.There are more people coming into my life, and i am gaining more knowledge about myself through my experiences with them. Thats awesome! Time spent in devotion offers divine revelation. Its a process of opening yourself up to receive what already is. God’s love leads us to the truth. The minute that we believe that we know it all, have it all figured out, or that something about life does not apply to us, we cannot know the truth. When we devote time to knowing the truth, all else that we need has a way of finding us. God has so many good thing in store for us if we will surrender to him. When we become devoted to healing our inner world, loving and honoring ourselves and using that love as the standard by which we interact with others, thats what its really all about. Learning to love and honor yourself from the inside to the outside. Then we can love and honor those around us. One day at a time, through study and prayer you will be liberated. I am a walking witness. Thought patterns can be changed. You will be able to LOVE. Just one day of pure devotion can set a pattern in motion. Only conversing with God through prayer and studying God’s word are the tip of the Christian devotion ice burg. Devotion is a constant state of being where we keep our eyes open for opportunities to serve and positively impact lives we come in contact with. Loving God through loving others, that is devotion. (Matt 22:37-40)
Dig deeper. Study a little harder. It will change your life just as it has change mine, i promise!




I’ve been indulging myself in more of the Holy Bible lately. I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life when Gods Word was so refreshing for me as it has become in recent times.

When I’m hurting, I find healing there. When I’m misunderstood, I’m reminded of His heart for me. When I’m unjustly accused, I’m reminded that Jesus is my advocate and I need not defend myself. When I’m low, His Word lifts me up. It teaches me how to live, how to worship, how to love and how to grow. It gives me hope when despair is closing in.

So many times when I’ve encountered a difficult situation in my life and didn’t know what to do, Gods Word came to the rescue, showing me wisdom and giving me peace.

My hope is in the Lord.. but I find Him waiting for me every single time I bathe myself with cleansing waters of His Word. ‘She who refreshes others – will herself be refreshed.’ (Proverbs 11:35)

Everywhere i go i want to be a refreshing energy. I want to be that energy in my family; at my job; in my church. With whomever i may come in contact with. The definition of refresh is; Give new strength or energy too; reinvigorate. It brings a heart connection between others and ourselves. Refreshing goes deepest in; a mother’s prayers, standing on God’s promises through hard times, speaking God’s word over our children, believing in their dreams and getting to know them as individuals rather than extensions of ourselves. Our world has grown so indifferent and cold…lets bring freshness to everyday life starting in our home with the people closest to us. The simple things really do matter!

The perfect storm…

A perfect Storm…this is what i call Marriage! Our mutual brokeness plays off of each other so prefectly it’s frightening. It’s like throwing a dog and a cat in a dryer. It is absolutely mad! Why would God do such a thing? Because marriage is a divine conspiracy. It is a conspiracy divinely arranged with divine intent. God lures us into marriage through love, sex, and loneliness, or the simple fact that someone paid attention, all those reasons that you got married in the first place. It doesnt really matter, he will do whatever it takes. He lures us into marriage then he will use it to TRANSFORM US!

Does this sound familiar…One likes a dark room….the other likes it bright! One loves scented candles…the other despises them! One likes to store things in drawers…the other likes to put things all on the counters! One has a habit of dissappearing out of the room without saying where he is going or why…the other communicates everything. Things that drives the other crazy!!! Now, to add to the personality differences, is the fact that we are MAN and WOMEN. We are a complete mystery to one another! I enjoy watching cooking shows…he enjoys man versus wild. Its amazing that we live together in the same house. It’s a wonder we don’t kill each other. A women enters the marriage with all her hurt and disappointments and marries and man she cant possibly please. A man with deep issues will cause her to withdraw from him. The way these things play into each other is chilling. You could not script a more frightening scenario.

Opposites attract all right! Our mutual brokenness is drawn together like a match and gunpowder!

Choose your tent mate carefully! You are going to spend lots of time with this person! By the time it’s over everything about them will drive you mad, the way they eat, the way they breathe, the way they pick there nails. You must start with people you are utterly compatible with! But God does the very opposite!!! He puts us with the OPPOSITE!!!

We all have a style of relating; we have a way we do life! Our carefully crafted approach colors the way we work, the way we love, the way we relate, the way we handle stress, the way we look at life, the way we simply have a conversation with someone. Our style of relating is born out of brokenness and sin, and it is the number one thing that gets in the way of real love and companionship, the shared adventure and all the beauty of marriage. It’s really that simple. The number one thing that gets in the way is OUR way! So God created an enviroment where we have to and it’s called marriage.

There are 2 people in this world., the clueless and the repentant. Those who are open to looking into there life and those who are not. Those who know they need God to change them, and folks who are expecting everyone else to change. There is great hope for the first group, the second bunch is choosing ignorance! The damge they are doing is almost unforgiveable. Talk about your differences. Accept each other for the person that you were created to be. Anything that drives your spouse crazy talk about it with a light heart and work on it. Understanding one another by understanding the unfolding story of their life is priceless. We can come along beside them and help them overcome difficulties so much easier and more tenderly when we understand “where they came from”. When we understand one anothers brokenness we’ll find greater compassion for what previously drove us nuts. Set aside time to hear the story of one anothers lives. 🙂