Who’s your daddy?

We just celebrated another Father's Day holiday! A time to honor our Dads. The one who raised us up and shaped us into what we are today. But for alot it is quite common to hear; " I never knew my father!" "He left when i was young!" "He died." "He went to jail." "My [...]


Loving the un-loveable~

It's easy to Love people who are good to you! Who treat you well. People who are kind and loveable. It would be very nice if all people were nice, loving people. Unfortuanately, they are not. It would be wonderful if, while you are on the path to God revealing things to your spirit, every [...]

Open up your heart~

Have you been hurt? Really really hurt? So hurt you can't trust anyone. Don't want to trust anyone! You've built a wall around your heart and you've been there so long you've decorated the inside. I know the feeling. I've been there. Sometimes i catch myself still trying to run to that place. But i [...]

The annointing of the Holy Spirit~

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is the life-blood of any Minister. Without the Anointing, the Minister is incapable of ministering to the children of God. Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the words of the Minister are powerless against the mountains in this life. The Christian can get some guidance from simply reading [...]

Why do devotionals?

Have you ever had anyone in your family ask you these questions. "Why are you always reading those books?" or "Why are you always doing those devotionals?"  I know i have in the past. Some people who just don't understand the value of a good devotional and how it can change your heart and your focus [...]

What is Heaven like?

Let me start with what Heaven won’t be: boring. It is not a place where we will be ghosts or angels endlessly floating around on clouds, strumming harps, and wishing we’d brought a magazine. Usually when we refer to Heaven, we mean the present Heaven where followers of Jesus go when we die. Though the [...]