The bunny that wanted to live…

I was awakened at five this morning to the sound of something screaming in my front yard. It took all my energy to get out of bed after being sick all day yesterday to find my cat ripping a baby bunnies hair out. I screamed and screamed. That cat didnt stop! I started kicking, that cat still didnt stop! I grabbed a stick and started beating the cat, i got his attention for a minute. I began chasing the cat, the bunny is still screaming and starts hopping for escape…the cat is determined to kill the baby bunny. The cat makes a quick turn back to the bunny, i go crashing to the cement. Blood is pouring from my hands and my elbow….i am just as determined to save the screaming bunny….i grab a bigger stick….and run in between the cat and the baby bunny…it a standoff……only my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The baby bunny hopped away……………she was battered and bruised. Her hair was gone but she lived to see the sun rise. All because she cried loud enough for someone to hear! As i got back into bed after doctoring up all my wounds. I thought about what had just happened. I thought about PEOPLE and problems they face that seem so BIG that they feel like they cant handle the weight. They may feel that maybe know one would understand so they never cry out for help. CRY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone will be there to the rescue….you may be surprised who GOD puts in your path. We all go through things. We go through it and make it so we can help others come through it too. Fight the good FIGHT of Faith….never give up!!!