~Do you believe in love at first sight?


Perspective is a mighty powerful word! We can look at the most common things; the most usual things; and find beauty where we least expect it.

How many of us believe that true love can occur the moment a man and a women lay eyes on each other. “Love at first sight” is an emotional impossibility because you cannot love someone you dont even know. You have simply been drawn to the package in which they live. I once perceived myself falling in love at first sight but upon some time alone and self reflection i realized my PERSPECTIVE was way off.

A lifelong emotional attachment is much more than a romantic feeling. Its more than a sexual attraction or the thrill of the chase or to get married. Ive learned that these feelings usually indicate infactuation and tend to be temporary and rather selfish in nature. A person may say “This is so wonderful; it must be love”! Notice that those who say this arent talking about the other person but themselves. Theyre excited about their own gratification. Such people havent fallen in love with someone else but fallen in love with LOVE.

Genuine love is not something one “falls” into, as though we are tumbling into a ditch. We cant love an unknown object, regardless of how beautiful or handsome it is. Only when a person begins to develop a deep appreciation and admiration for another; and intense awareness of his or her needs, strengths, and character, has one begun to experienced true love. From there, it should grow for a lifetime.

1 John 4:7
Love is of God


2 thoughts on “~Do you believe in love at first sight?

  1. Kim

    “We can’t love an unknown object, regardless of how beautiful or handsome it is.” Truer words have never been spoken. You could even go on to say that looking only at the gifts, or vacations, and hearing only the pretty words of a lover still doesn’t equal love. Occasionally something that seems like a welcome respite on the outside can be the thing that has tortured and destroyed so many others in their wake. Verbal, emotional and threats of violence that can all be easily proven may lie just under the surface of your perfect romance. Sometimes you even find out that the one you thought loved you lies compulsively and cheats without regret. His need for new narcissistic supply is the only thing that keeps him pushing forward to own a new victim. So while your praying, please pray for the ones that are about to be tortured. Pray for the ones (and their children) who don’t know that their lives are about to be destroyed. Those of us who have been there (and our children) will pray along side you.

    Luck and prayers!

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