First week-ish in Boston (things I’ve noticed and learned

Drew Nelson

Here are some things I’ve learned, noticed, and experienced since I got to Boston (in no particular order!).

The city of Boston is incredible.

The T is the only real way to get around. AKA subway

Crosswalks don’t matter (just like downtown Columbus)

Tons of beautiful buildings and architecture.

It is rare to meet someone with a Boston accent. In fact, most people you will meet in the city aren’t originally from Boston. Lots of tourists.

The people are genuine. They aren’t going to put on a fake smile.

Despite stereotypes, people aren’t cold and rude. Most people are nice, but you have to earn their trust. Also, people are willing to talk about spiritual matters.

Meeting someone with a Phd or high level of education is commonplace.

Social justice issues are huge. Abortion isn’t a big deal here, but gay marriage is for a completely different reason.

There is…

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