The Importance Of Genuine Love

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Like An Anchor

Loving other people can be hard. I mean have you met people? Try to have relationship with them and you find out they’re flawed, messy, and might hurt you. Sure they can also be encouraging, positive, and fill your life with joy, but they’re not like that all the time.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just have a relationship with God and not deal with other people, at least the ones that are hard to love? It seems like a nice idea to some. “Just me and Jesus,” they say and think that’s all they need.

But that’s not how God means for His church to function. He wants an individual relationship with you, yes, but He also wants you to be part of a church that He collectively describes as the body of Christ and the temple of God. And He expects you to love everyone…

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Overcoming Fear

Fear is a little word but has a big part of our everyday lives. Most of us are consumed with fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear of love. Fear of allowing people close to your heart. Fear of being alone. Fear of sickness and disease. Fear for our children. The list goes [...]


  We are back from a week long trip to Vegas for a beautiful family vacation and wedding. Something I never thought I would do again but God had another plan. He brought into my life an amazing, handsome, smart, wonderful, loving man who has shown me yet again Gods hand in my life. I [...]


Wow. As I began reading this I felt it in my soul. My breathing became heavier. My heart raced a bit faster. Written extremely well. I’m breathless.

The Renegade Press

If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. That’s what they told you from the very start. If an author pines for you, you’ll be immortalized in their words. Your eloquence will be captured in their prose as they strum at the chords of your heart and kiss the innermost chambers of your naked soul. So let me take off your clothes and take you in my arms.

Let me enfold you. Let me take your heart in my hands and feel it beat my name. Let me be the air that fills your aching lungs and swells within your chest. I’ll breathe life into your soul and be the man who basks in a beautyfar greater than his own. Throw your bones against mine and feel the solidarity of my embrace. Let my kiss your skin, stroke your hair and settle your racing mind.


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First week-ish in Boston (things I’ve noticed and learned

Drew Nelson

Here are some things I’ve learned, noticed, and experienced since I got to Boston (in no particular order!).

The city of Boston is incredible.

The T is the only real way to get around. AKA subway

Crosswalks don’t matter (just like downtown Columbus)

Tons of beautiful buildings and architecture.

It is rare to meet someone with a Boston accent. In fact, most people you will meet in the city aren’t originally from Boston. Lots of tourists.

The people are genuine. They aren’t going to put on a fake smile.

Despite stereotypes, people aren’t cold and rude. Most people are nice, but you have to earn their trust. Also, people are willing to talk about spiritual matters.

Meeting someone with a Phd or high level of education is commonplace.

Social justice issues are huge. Abortion isn’t a big deal here, but gay marriage is for a completely different reason.

There is…

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